Thursday, December 19, 2013

My job sucks this week...

No, no it doesn't  This week was pretty incredible in terms of work and how quickly it went by.  Our customer service woman has been out the past couple of weeks for a minor surgery, so Joe and I- both new as of this summer- were thrown into the world of invoicing, arranging logistics, and answering emails.  We were busy all day every day, and it was nice to be the point person for so many customers.

Can't wait to see Tickles!

Monday Mandy and I had an event at Lok Man Rare books.  LMRB is an awesome little shop filled with, you guessed it, old and rare books.  There’s a generally coziness, and since we have similar customer bases, we have begun to partner for events.  This go round was a Champagne tasting for Lok Man customer Gabriela.  Gabriela is a high powered IP attorney (the best in Asia according to some Google research) at Mayer Brown and she invited along some of her corporate lawyer women friends along.  Since the venue is small, Lorence (of Lok Man) capped the guest list at 7.

This was a room of incredible woman.  Super successful, interesting, young women, and we got paid to chat about some really spectacular wines with them.  Tough.  Mandy led the discussion which was interesting for me to watch.  She’s so comfortable and thoughtful in what she says, that it gave me a lot of things to think about for when I lead my own events. 

So what did we have!? We began with Larmandier Bernier 1er Cru Terre de Vertus non dosage (no sugar added) Blanc de Blancs (100% Chardonnay) NV.  This was the least expensive of the evening, but was really remarkable for how much personality it had.  Being a grower Champagne, there’s a little more personality and soul, and you could really taste it.  Super deal at $315. 
Next up was Marie Courtin Efflorescence 2008.  Again, another grower Champagne, this was very precise and defined.  For me it needed some food as the acidity was searing.   This was followed by Jacques Selosse Substance Grand Cru NV.  This, this my friends is what I had been waiting for.  This is the stuff of legends and certainly not something you get to try every day, and it didn’t disappoint.  This is also a grower champer, from the guy who is leading a mini revolution in Champagne.  Anselme Selosse is a pioneer, and this wine specifically is a reflection of this as the wine is aged in ex-Burgundy barrels (cool), and aged through a solera system.  This happens in Sherry, not Champagne.  Double cool.  If you can get your hands on a bottle (I don’t think there’s any in HK- this was our last bottle), take it. 
Then always a crowd favorite, and a first for me, Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque 2004.  Everyone ooh-ed and awe-ed at the creaminess, but personally, it wasn’t my favorite.  With that said, I will never turn down a glass....and we finished off with the King of Champagnes; Dom Perignon 1988.  Golden and delicious.  There is no other Champagne like Dom [disclaimer: I’ve never tried Krug.  If someone would like to enlighten me, I’m free] and this was just the proof in the pudding.  My god.  And at $2,700 ($350usd) it’s a deal.  Mom-Christmas!

 Then I took the PJ home and Paul and I enjoyed the second half before bed.


Tuesday was busy again, and then I left a little early to hit Applied Wines office warming party.  There were people from across the industry in attendance, and it was great to catch up with some friends.  And awesome grilled vegetables.


Then off to Hong Kong’s newest (and only) place dedicated entirely to Sherry- Ham & Sherry.  H&S is from the same fine folk as 22 Ships, and was opened as a niche place for the queue waiting to get into 22 Ships to grab a drink and nibble before dinner.  The idea is great.  Ham and over 50 Sherries, over 50 Sherries!!  This is very new and exciting for Hong Kong.

Anyway, Jules, Mike, and briefly Kim (of Applied Wine) and I ordered a bottle of Manzanilla- light and lovely- and then a round of 22 Ships Palo Cortado (Gonzalez Byass) which turned Jules and Mike into Sherry converts.  No breadbasket with the meat plate- and no breadbasket when we asked for one. “We dont’ have a bread basket.”  Yeah, you do, we had some bruschetta.  I know it's back there!


Then the Manager, Josef, was kind enough to bring us to the back bar for some fancy cocktails.   It’s a kitschy back bar, with great booze all around you- in fact you feel like you’re in an industrial refrigerator.  We were talking liquor with the bartender, but when we asked what cocktails we should go for, he kind of just named them all.  They’re all priced around $100, and when we each got ours, we were totally saddened at their diminutive stature .  Kudos to the presentation of mine, named Camping, for its marshmallow and plastic canteen style cup, but it totally lack flavor and more importantly, punch.  With that said, I will totally go back for some Sherry.  50+ on the list!

Thuuuuuursday Paul and I went to my friend Cass’s sparkling party at the Flying Wine Maker.  Cass rented out the top floor, brought buckets of bubbles, and plates of turkey, ham, brussel sprouts and bacon, glazed carrots, potatoes, and stuffing (isn’t it the best!?), and invited 20 of us to come along.  We had a great time and especially enjoyed the Dom 2004.  Still very young, but totally delicious.  The Turkish and Sardinian sparkling wines were lovely as well, and all the bubbles were great with the fat laden (read delicious) food.  Thanks, Cass and merry Christmas!


And now tis Friday.  I’ve had my sushi lunch and am finishing out the final hours of work before I go home, make some mulled wine with Paul, put on the Grinch, and begin wrapping and packing the night away!


Only 12 hours until we have to get up, get on that bus, get onto that plan and head to the U.S.A!!!!!!!!  See you in Pittsburgh!