Friday, April 4, 2014

Vino Italiano

I seem to have skipped a few weeks there, but let's not live in the past.  I am currently writing from a really sweet lounge in Gatwick, London. Why Gatwick, you ask.  Well I had the same reaction last night when checking into my flight.  I knew I had a long layover in London on my way to Verona, of which I was really looking forward to heading into the city for some fish and chips and a pint.  But, alas!  I didn't look closely enough at my itinerary; yes there is a 7 hour layover in London, but the flights come in and take out of two different airports.  Two airports an hour apart.  Awesome.
Breakfast of champions; granola, yogurt, cheese, Pinot Grigio
Might I also add that overnight flights without Paul are zero fun.  I have no one to commiserate with or laugh with at stupid shows on tv and worst of all, no lap to lay on.  Sleeping sitting up sucks.  Even with pills.
English countryside

Anyway, got to Heathrow after a 10 hour snooze-ish sesh and a viewing of Dallas Buyers Club- incredible- and very kindly asked British Airways to pay for my ticket down to Gatwick, to which I was told "No, we don't do that."  Well, then why )*#)& did you book my tickets out of 2 different airports!  My use of profanity didn't help the situation, mind you my voice was never raised, and the jackass manager of BA proceeded to tell me that if I don't move along on my merry little way that he will have me ejected from the flight.  "I can do that" were his exact words.  Prick.

The bus ride was pleasant enough and Gatwick is a surprisingly lovely little airport.  I bought a pass into a very nice lounge and have been enjoying cheese, wifi, rose, and In Style in the meantime.  Only 4 more hours to go...

my favorite new discovery.  it's. so. good.
Then a quick flight and I'm in Italy!! Tonight is free, although I think my hotel is pretty far from town, and then tomorrow morning is free followed by Opera Wine which is a tasting with the top 100 producers (as decided by??) of Italy.  Yey.  Then we have a briefing and dinner with Felicitas who is sponsoring the trip.  I absolutely cannot wait .

Full report on all things Verona coming soon. xo