Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Upon our arrival back to Hong Kong, we went back to our roots.  Our Grassroots, if you will.  I have been waiting to go to Grassroots Pantry for months.  Months, months, months, ever since I had their salads at the Island East Market.  And honestly, probably even before.  There aren't too many vegan restaurants that blow through HK, and certainly not so many with the media presence and sustainability of GP. 
Sarah on top of ordering

Allison, Kass, and I got chatting over some (natural wine) drinks the other day and decided it was far beyond time that we get our (mostly) veg butts in there.  And why not drag the men folk along.  And some of our carnivorously inclined friends.

We changed our reservation from 8 to 10, and eventually 12 of us showed up.  Oops, but the ladies and gents at GP were more than amenable.  Paul, Allison, Michael, Kass, Todd, Will, Sarah, Patrick, Courtney, Nina, Kenny, and I all squeezed round the table in anticipation of some mean veg.

Round 1:
 Dehydrated corn nachos with pico de gallo, guac, and hemp seed sour cream  (good)
Nepalese veg and mushroom momo with roasted tomato sauce (a smidge bland compared to reg momos)

Round 2:
Thai veg green curry and brown rice (I've yet to meet a green curry I don't like)
Slow stewed Ratatouille with grilled savoury polenta (Ahhh-mazing.  Loved the veg in this!)
Cold soba with seared organic tofu and tahini miso dressing (loved)
Vietnamese bun chay with honey grilled hedgehog mushrooms, homemade nuoc cham & almond seed dressing (probably my least fav of the mains, but just because the others were so good)
Mixed mushroom linguine with white truffle oil (am still thinking about, and definitely the favorite of the night around the table)

Round 3:
Happy cow dairy free ice cream (mint chocolate, and 2 other flavours I don't remember- all yummy)
Raw calamansi key lime pie (very tart, and would ear it everyday if just for the crust!)

Peggy, the chef, is just as cute and passionate as can be, and was totally helpful in explaining every dish to us, which really added a lot for those less sure.  You could tell she planned every dish down to the little painstaking details, and I'm looking forward to going back to see what news for fall. 

Court, Allison, Michael, Will, Kenny's head, Nina's head, Sarah, and Kass
There were a few at the table who thought some meat would have added to this dishes, but for me it was perfect just how it was, and I think we may even have some new veg converts.

Loved this.
The other BIG highlight of the night was the wine.  La Cabane Chenin Blanc from the Loire.  It was super full of flavor yet easy to drink, and toally natural meaning nothing added or taken away.  No sulphate hangover here.  Although, this in conjunction with the rest of the wine that went round later that night,  it proved not so free the next morning. 

It's pretty rare that somewhere in HK really impresses me in terms of value for money, and this was definitely one of these places! And healthy to boot.  I put GP right up there with Madam Sixty Ate and Sal Curiouso, other recent favs.  Thanks, Peggy!



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