Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dinner with Jon

Cass, Jon, me, squid ink n seafood pasta, butt ton of wines
Friday evening my friend Jon, formally of Cru magazine, organized a dinner of some likeminded wine people with the hopes of creating new bonds over delicious tipples.  Well done, Jon, well done indeed.  Everyone was really great from various backgrounds (Taiwan, Hong Kong, English, Germany, USA) and everyone was super into their wine.  Wine dinners are the best, aren't they?
Sophie, Ingrid, Cass, Paul, Jon, and Lorentz
Jon's favorite neighborhood haunt is Ausone, a French bistro in the heart of Happy Valley.  This place was amazing! Not only is the set dinner menu fairly extensive and reasonable, but they don't charge corkage! An utter rarity in Hong Kong.  We began with my selection, Billaud Simon 2007 1er Cru Chablis.  I love this wine! Twas nutty and had the perfect acidity to go with my first course of mussels.  When I say "pair" I use the term loosely.  It was basically a free for all. 
Next up was the best soup I have ever had.  It was an oyster cream soup covered in a buttery puff pastry.  To die for.  Jon paired this course with a Sicilian white from Gary.  Next up was a spectacular Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir) from Lorentz.  It was so soft and full of fruit, and was just a total treat.  Lorentz was raised in German and knows his German wines.  Then Jon popped open the big boy; Gaja Super Tuscan.  This was in my honor as knew I had never had a Gaja red before.  And it was a total beauty.
I also brought a natural wine from the South of France, Clos des Camuzeilles.  I love this wine as it's totally funky and different than your everyday red.  Cass brought one of her amazing Lebanese wines; Les Terroirs 2011 from Wardy's in the Bekaa Valley.   It was awesome and definitely not something you get to try everyday.

Then we finished the evening with a lovely Cream Sherry and Tokaj 5 Puttunyos with chocolate and cheesecakes.  Amaze.  Absolutely loved everyone at the table, and definitely need some more of Jackie, Jon's sister, in my life.  She's a riot. 
Lolita and me
Paul and I are taking on G+C's weekend helper, Lolita, and we caught up on Saturday at my work tasting.  She is so sweet and so helpful and I'm so excited that we were able to help her out by sponsoring her visa.  Isn't she the sweetest!?
We started the tasting with 4 Chablis from Billaud Simon (same as I brought to dinner the night before).  2010, 2008, 2007 1er Cru, and 2010 1er Cru.  I love Chablis.  My last meal would certainly involve in it somewhere some Chablis (or maybe Meursault or Montrachet) and mac and cheese.  And more mac and cheese and more Chardonnay....
We had a good turn out of 15 or so people, and I ever made a new best friend who I made promise to invite me over for wine sometime.  He hasn't yet....yet..For the reds we served Michel Gaunoux, three from Pommard and one Corton Grand Cru.  They were lovely, and surprisingly, my favorite was the 2008.  It opened up beautifully and was perfectly ready to drink now.  Ohhh how my palate is evolving. 
Then twas time for some bowling.  I think I've bowled more in the past two years that in my entire life combined.  I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but SCAA is sweet and let's you bring in your own wine.  No complaints here.  It was Patrick's birthday last week, so really there was no other way to celebrate than with rad shoes, balls, and beers. 
See rad shoes.  Thanks, Nina!
Laura and Court
We finished up several round of bowling (the men folk are much faster than us chatty ladies) and head to the pub for a couple more brews. Clock struck mid-night and we called it a night.
check out those cookie covered cheesecakes in the front
Sunday I got up and went for a long run.  13k!  My longest yet this season, and it felt good.  But my god does it make me hungry.  Luckily I came home showered and the market was going!  This was their one year anniversary and it was awesome.
Have I mentioned how much I love the Island East Market??  It's a seriously amazing market and it's just getting better as the word spreads.  Above, Jomb, is my absolute favorite.  She is such a doll and makes these heavenly and unbelievably delectable treats.  My favorite will always be the cheesecake with cookie on top, but today I also had a delicious and crunchy lemon poppy seed muffin, and a bite of peanut butter brownie.  Hoooly heaven.  <3 Jomb and I can't wait til she's back in November.
Stocked up on some Hungarian wine (thanks Csilla and Nora) feasted on some of Paul's amazing chicken stovetop lasagna (kicked my lasagna's ass) and pretended to write my wine paper.  Seriously, anyone on the global increase in wine consumption?? 
DID YOU KNOW? 100 million Americans drink wine.   11 million of them daily.  Crazy.
Off to Indian with a Hungarian red and Paul's matching red eye.  What this kid does in his sleep no one will ever know.  Ta!

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