Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Greetings and welcome to this week in Lauren's life.   Let's start with Monday, shall we?

I had a meeting for my new website, which will hopefully be launched soon, where Simone, Csilla and I found our first flight of actually good wines!  I took the Mondavi home and found Paul cooking up some chicken chili.  I quickly whipped up some Jiffy and we had our first 'fall meal.'
From the top of the Peak
Tuesday was Chinese National Day (I think), which means no work!  Paul and I ventured over to Central, climbed up the mountain to the Peak, and them immediately bused it out of there.  It's absolutely gorgeous this time of year; blue skies, lowered humidity, and sun sun sun. 

So happy.
We finally made it back to civilization after entirely too much walking, to check out this Thai place I just discovered.  Delicious Thai was just that, totally delicious!  And outdoor seating which is an absolute rarity in these parts.  Tom Yum, Tom yes! 

View from the Peak
Hong Kong park
Paul and his turtles
We also went to ArtisTree in Taikoo to see the new exhibition.  This woman tears pages of books and then knits them together.  Tedious, no?  It was a great exhibit until Paul discovered this last secret back room filled with:

How creepy is this??  This is what nightmares are made of.
Wednesday I had a lovely sparkling wine tasting with some of my diploma mates.  I'm getting pretty nervous about the upcoming November test.  Must drink more Champagne..
Thursday I came home and made dinner which quite honestly is my favorite thing to do.  Sausage, onion, kidney beans and pasta.  Pretty delish.
Then Friday after work I met Sarah, Will, Nina and Kenny for a couple of drinks.  Nina and I obviously had to stop at Ms. B's to pick up a Better Than Sex mini cake.  My god that cake is good.  Poor Paul missed all of the fun because he had a meeting with one of his class mates about an upcoming paper.  I'd rather spend my Friday night with crappy by the glass wine and friends than discussing children's psychology on the dark side... but we each have our own ideas of a good time.
Time to go work on my paper....or sit in the sun with a breakfast beer....choices.... 

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