Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello From Sheung Wan

It's official, Paul and I are residents of Sheung Wan.  If you'd like to send flowers, diamonds, cronuts or whatever, you can get to us at:

Flat A, 1/f, Rich View Terrace
26 Square Street, Sheung Wan
Hong Kong

Not to just totally skip over Christmas, but I'm going to totally skip over Christmas.  It was too amazing to summarize shortly, hence onto the next.  [Mom, Dad, I miss home already!]

Being back has been great, and it's been totally ridiculously non-stop.  Moving- what a pain in the ass.  But here were are in our much bigger digs.  We had a little day out on Sunday to Ikea and purchased our very first furniture including a kitchen chopping board shelf thing, a bathroom shelf thing, and a dresser.  It will arrive on Thursday along with our internet. 

We've only been here a few short days and have already reaped so many benefits of quick lunches with friends (Julia), pop ins of friends (Alison, Charlene who lives across the street, Julia, Nina), new yoga (The Yoga Room), oven (Brussels sprouts!), 2 people comfortably lounging on the couch, quick Sunday Funday outings, walking home from EVERYWHERE!, and certainly my new full length mirror.  Things be good.  

Today was a great day at work, more news on that later, but I don't want to jinx it yet.  The rest of this week is filled with fun things too.  I'm going to try my hand (feet?) at running again tomorrow.  I took a week off as my calves were about to explode after my 2 runs last week.  Then I'll have lunch with Sylvia and happy hour drinks with Louisa and Julia followed by "I quit" drinks with Allison.  Then Thursday I'll work from home and then have a work wine dinner in the evening, followed by a cultural Friday evening filled with all things Italian opera.  More on that when I figure out what it's all about.

Back.  Social.  Wedding Planning.  Working.  Unpacking-ish.  Planning the future.  Lots in store for this Sheung Wan couple.  Lots in store indeed.  Happy Tuesday!

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