Friday, January 24, 2014


I just got my test results from my last two wine tests. Each test was broken into tasting and theory, and Spirits is the only test you can fail the tasting but still pass overall- thank god!  Spirits= fail tasting, pass theory= over all Pass!  Whew.  Sparkling wines of the world, pass tasting with merit, pass theory with distinction= Pass with Merit overall.  Year one completed, woohooo!  I think I'm the only person who is stronger in theory than tasting.  So it goes.

Now that the weather has finally gotten its act together (it's back in the 70s!), it's time to post some Christmas photos.  Enjoy, I know I did.

Paul loves waiting for the bus at 5am


A short 15 1/2 hours later

brothers <3 Cracker Barrel.  Merica.

Mr. Paul

Making waffles

Fiehlers in action


Meanwhile in


One of many Christmas dinners


Stacy Russel and Paul

Cali McPhates come for a visit

Taylor Erin Stacy and Jessa

Russ and Mom

Kids table

Scott and Abbey do tricks

Christmas dinner part 3

Miller Lite.

Merry Christmas!

Train into Manhattan.

Why drive 45 minutes when you can sit on the train for 2 hours?


Russ, NJ native, on his first trip to the big city

Abbey's first trip to the big city too

Best day ever- bachelorette party.  Kristin, Maria (and twin boys) and Stacy

Kati and Emma <3 sheep's cheese

If you haven't been to a Murray's cheese class go. Go now.

Kris getting her hair did

Blow dry bar = brilliant

Lure.  Emma, Kati, me, Carolann


And Chetta sent bagels from Africa!

Teaching my mom how iphones work

Lara buys booze.

NYE sushi!

Beaujolais with sushi is brilliant

best friends forever

Tommy, Paul, Michael, and Kara

Lara's tree


New Years beers and brunch at Dell Anima

me and Kati Mac

And that was home.  So much fun with family and life long friends.  And we get to do it all again in three months in Bali!!

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