Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bali Booked

Now that some of you have booked your flights, I guess its high time we prove that we actually do intend to get married. 

Hong Kong to Denpensar
April 18th
10:20 am
Back to HK
April 27th
10:50 pm
Racking up the points this year............

My shampoo selection.  I was advised to go with ginger
In other news I went to Airplay, the blow dry bar.  It was just lovely!  They served a sparkling rose (which was surprisingly delicious and surprisingly not Prosecco) with some chocolate.  Then shampooed my hair and blew it out, all while showing Project Runway and some stupid SJP movie.  Well done, I will definitely go back net time I'm going to a fancy dress party. 

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