Friday, August 23, 2013

Two Work Week

Another week finished.  Time in Hong Kong surely goes faster than anywhere else in the world.  I'm telling ya. 

Very hazy/polluted this week

Last weekend we went on a lovely Sunday junk.  Despite the grey skies, we still managed to get a little tan, meet some new friends, and catch up with some old.  HK knows how to summer.

Yum, pork.
Monday I went and saw a fantastic new movie, Red Obsession.  The overall message may be a little narrow/short sighted, but it was beautifully shot and really conveys why people love wine.  It's history, tradition, social, agricultural, spiritual, and just damn tasty.  You should watch it just for the scenery!
Tuesday Paul and I had a sushi date followed by suit making date.  A woman I interviewed with a few weeks back suggested this guy as she had used him recently for his wedding.  He's been fantastic.  He's on top of emails, will serve as the liason with Scott and Steve, taking Paul and I out of it, and when I went in with a dress and a couple of Paul's old shirts to get tailored, they said no problem.  Paul has all of these shirts from several years back that are made for someone three times his size.  He's since become European and likes a tighter fit, which is great for me because the shirts are in great condition and will make excellent new skirts.
Wednesday I met with two of my girl friends, Csilla and Simone.  We are working on a new project together which we're all really excited about.  We have our second meeting on Monday, and will hopefully go live with the new project with in the next few weeks...more on that later.
Thursday I met my other girlfriends Sarah, Nina, and Zara for some pampering.  We got our nails did.  I've decided that with my new job, and my new super well dressed co-workers, that I need to step it up.  From now on my nails will be did.  Have you tried gel nails?  They last for weeks and don't chip or break.  I'm onto that next round.
Friday afternoon wine
Yesterday at work we opened up a lovely 2006 Brunello di Montalcino from Fanti.  I hadn't had a Brunello in a while, and forgot how much I loved them.  They're so full of oxidized aging with flavours and aromas of leather and meat.  In a good way.
Post work, Paul and I had a cheese and wine party.  Blue cheese with a 2008 Cote Rotie.  This was my first Cote Rotie!!  I've been dying to try one for a long time, but hadn't due to their exorbitant price tags.  This we found less than $400, which is maybe the only one I have ever seen less than $400.  It was divine. 
For those unaware, Cote Rotie literally translates to 'roasted slopes.'  It's a region in the Northern Rhome where they only grow Syrah and Viognier.  Interestingly, Cote Rotie's co-ferment Syrah and Viognier (that's a red and white grape) because the white grape helps extract more color from the red.  Science. 
Yum yum
But yes, divine, and this wine probably deserved a steak more than blue cheese, but it was amazing either way.  Pepper, pepper, pepper.  And also some sour cherry, cranberry, black strawberries if they existed.  It still blows my mind how excited I can get over a drink.  And I saved a glass for today.  This is definitely the type of wine that will be better after a day or so.  I've also realized recently that I need a decanter.  For the time being I pour the wine between wine glasses a few times and that seems to do the trick.
We also watched the movie Mud.  It was pretty good, so I would recommend it.  And finally after years of watching TV and movies on the computer, we (Paul) figured out all we need to do is to put our downloads on a USB stick and put it in the TV.  So easy, and so much easier to watch movies!
And poor Paul's summer has finally come to an end.  He worked 9-4 Thursday and Friday and today he's in until noon.  The kids don't start until September, but he has prep work to do I suppose.  Paul also starts his other school next Tuesday.  Every Tuesday 6-9 and Saturday 9-12, Paul has teacher school!  The hours wouldn't be bad if the school wasn't 1.5 hours away.  It's only two years :)
I'm heading over to Nina's in a bit for some closet shopping and lunch, then tis time to write this wine paper I've been putting off for months.  I suspect I won't get a whole lot done today....and then we're off to Mike and Jule's place for some rugby and probably an early night as we have another junk tomorrow.  Yey junks!
EMILY'S GETTING MARRIED!!  I'm so bummed not to be there, but so excited for Emily and Shannon to get hitched!  Congrats! xo
Sarah Lily (married earlier this month) and Stac





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