Wednesday, February 19, 2014


April is a lot of things.  It's usually rainy, or in Hong Kong grey and really really rainy.  It's Chetta and Ryan's birthdays.  It's my mom and dad's and cousin Shannon's anniversaries.  It used to be spring break and midterms.  It's Easter.  It's probably the first time you can hit the beach. 

Well this April is four distinct very important things in my life.

1.  April is my first business trip for Ginsberg+Chan (other than Shenzen which doesn't really count).  I'm going to Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For VinItaly no less.  April 4-10th I'll be tasting wines in Verona with thousands of Italy and Europe's top wine producers.  Woot. 

2.  My family and friends FINALLY come to Hong Kong!  Mom, Dad, Aunt Connie, Stacy, Russell, Kati, Steve, Taylor, Aunt Lynn, and Jen all embark on these fair shores.

3.  I get married.  In Bali.  With 50 of my best friends and family.  To Paul.

4.  My office moves to Central.  This may not sounds huge, but it means my commute goes from 35 to 5 minutes.  It also means Ginsberg+Chan are in the big leagues.  We're going to have more tastings, more access to our customers both private and in F&B, and it means better lunch options, which you know, is huge. 

So yeah, April. 

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