Saturday, February 15, 2014

Survival of the Fittest

I may not have made it to my race this am (a planned skip), but I managed to brave the cold February seas sans incident or frostbite.

Pre-cold boat Paul made a delicious lunch of Thai red curry and polenta.  After finishing his creation he proclaimed that he deserved a show for his cross-cuisine concoction.  It was pretty crazy delicious but I don't know if Paul's Rachel Ray ready...yet.
Red curry paste, coconut milk, onion, broccoli, potato, white beans.  A blending of cultures
 Later that very same day, I went to get my dress altered.  Apparently because of the fabric and fine stitching that Monique is famous for, it is the hardest dress ever to alter.  Eve, who designed my friend Julia's gorgeous wedding dress below, is clearly very talented and full of awesome insight so I fully trust anything she says or does.  As she was pulling my dress tighter she realized it would start to pouch and puff in some places and said that for the "perfect" job they'd have to take the entire bodice apart seam by seam, cut, and resew it all.  All of which is incredibly difficult to do given the jersey material.  She asked how concerned I was with "perfect," to which I replied, not so much, so she's just going to pull it in on the sides and put in some padding to fill out the chest.  Check.

How gorgeous is Julia and Mike's wedding?  This was last September in New Zealand.

After dresses, Allison and I met for a glass of some mulled wine at my favorite neighborhood haunt La Cabane a Vin.  The warm wine prepped us for our nautical night out.
 ICC by night.  It was twinkling with horses, fireworks, and other building appropriate images...
 Courtney hired Mr. Bing to come make Beijing style crepes.  The seas were a bit rough and more than a few people we head overboard, including our pancake maker....

 So Michael jumped in to save the day.  I'm not going to lie, I preferred the crepes we made over his.  It's all about the extra sauce man.
Alicia and I staying warm with some Bing.  Overall a great junk, cool Disney fireworks, best friends... and Paul and I went home immediately to fall asleep before midnight.  Perfect.  Thanks Court!

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