Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

And finally a relatively quiet week.  I don't know if it's the ridiculous cold, or just general exhaustion from the past few months pace, but Monday and Tuesday I took it easy.  And it was nice.  

I went two entire days without a glass of wine (or anything), cooked healthy lunches, forgo running (8 degrees, no thank you!) and just chilled.  Twas nice. 
Then on Wednesday I went to new friends Nicole and Adam's house for dinner.  They are super sweet, and she is a just a ball of energy.  Nic whipped up tumeric cauliflower, veg curry, chicken vindaloo, and a pomelo shrimp salad with sides of rice and parantha.  We were joined by their neighbors who I had also briefly met last weekend, Marie and Dane.  They, too are super fun.  After we stuffed ourselves full o Indian, Nicole and Adam brought out a homemade choc cake with "biscuit" ice cream.  It was amazing.  Now I need a kitchen table so we can return the favor...
Thursday I had a meeting up at the Clearwater Bay Country Club.  I had a tasty beet root goats cheese salad lunch, great glass of Lebanese wine, and locked down a tasting event for May.  The entire three hour meeting was held out on the deck.  While stunning, my poor panty-hosed feet were numb and about to fall off by the end.  Luckily I caught a ride, in a Porsche no less, back to civilization.  Club be in the middle of nowhere. 

Cool balloons at CWBCC.  Afterward, I went to the American Club to meet with the somm there. Another lovely club and another lovely meeting.
I went home, put on socks and pants, and parked up next to the mini-heater.  When with this anti-inferno end?

Since we had plans on actual Valentine's Day, we had a mini Thursday celebration.  Stinky cheese, leftovers from Nicole (thanks!), and a gorgeous glass of 2007 Alma Rosa Pinot Blanc.  It was absolutely stunning and as it opened up gained more nutty flavors which were awesome with the cheese and Black Sails, our new favorite, albeit incredible cheesy, pirate show.
Friday was busy at work and then Joe and I went out all afternoon in an effort to sell more wine. We gained some leads but found it difficult to walk into places, especially when they were all setting up for Valentine's Day, so we stopped and had a glass of wine.  Which actually was official business as we're getting a quote (and an in!) to rent out a steakhouse. 

Later that very same evening, my best friend from age 3 to 6's mom and new husband came over!  We had two really delicious wines (Aussie Cab from my buddy at Tasty In, and the Riesling from my lady Sherry at Schmidt Vinothek), shared some cheese and caught up about life.  We hadn't seen each other for 12 years, and that was breifly at a party.  Before that it had probably been another 12 years.  How is it possible I'm that old?

Elfreida and Rudy are on a ridiculously awesome Asian tour.  They began in Bali then in and out of Singapore to Cambodia, back in and out of Singapore to HK, and will continue on a cruise to Vietnam and eventually Singapore where they'll fly to Myanmar for an incredible 18 day tour.  I want to be them when I grow up.   They're both German and have both always had an innate desire to travel which really has me questioning what's up with Americans?
We had an awesome Chinese dinner of cumin lamb, Szechuan chicken, and dumplings.  It was a perfect Valentine's Day!

Today Paul woke up at 7:30 to go to school and I woke up at 10 to go for my first run in a week.  It felt good but made me realize I'm not up for a 5:30am 10k Challenge run tomorrow.  I am trying to give my bib away, but no one seems to be taking.  I think this weather has killed everyone's motivation. 

We have a night junk with Courtney in celebration of her brother's arrival tonight.  Unlimited Mr. Bing Beijing style pancakes is a huge plus, sub 20 degree weather is a huge minus.  God help us all. 

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