Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bikini Fit

Ohh Bikini Fit.  That's what I've been doing this week.  Every morning.  Every single morning.  6 down 18 to go.  So Bikini Fit totally stresses me out, just as I knew it would, which is exactly why I signed up for it.  There are ~four trainers for ~ 50 girls (only 30 or show up) and every morning is a different work out.  Day one and two they had us doing dead lifts, swinging kettle balls, pulling on TRX bands, and doing a ton of squats.  These trainers love their squats. Wednesday we broke into groups of four and did body weight stuff (lunges, squat, pushups, etc), and Thursday, thank god, was yoga day which is the least attended day of training.  I find this funny because this is the only day I for sure wouldn't miss.  Yoga on the water as the sun's just coming up.  Get better.  Friday more drills and Saturday all of the BF classes come together for boxing, which is so fucking fun.  Why didn't we grow up doing boxing in gym class?  It's an awesome work out and you get to hit other people.  Again, get better.

The other fantastic thing is that I get to meet my neighbors.  The girls who do this to themselves are obviously quite driven, and I've met some really interesting and fun ladies.  Bikini Fit bonding, man. 
I'm in the bright green on the top right. 
So yeah, it's been fun, difficult, and something that I've been having super weird dreams about, but I was assured in my one on one consultation with my trainer that after 2-3 weeks I will start seeing some serious results.  I can already see it a bit in my core.

My only issue is that I miss running.  I had such a solid 10k/day routine going, and I miss it, so today I woke up early on my day off (perhaps a result of all of my days on), hiked to the Peak, and ran 6k down and around.  And life is good again.  Now that I'm used to being sore, I think I may try to squeeze in a couple of preBF short runs this week.  We'll see.

In other breaking news, wow did I have an amazing week.  Monday I had probably one of the top 3 dinners of my life.   Not just in terms of food, but in terms of service, WOW, and company.   I met a new friend, a successful (and famous!) wine writer, at Gaddi's in the Peninsula.  As we sat in the lounge sipping Gosset Champagne chatting, the chef came out and introduced himself and his specialties.  Well, well, well.  We went to the table and I got all sorts of advice about the industry, writing, and life in general.  He is extremely well spoken, mannered, and polished, that I walked out feeling totally energized.  I don't know how to explain it other than I want to be a writer.  A good writer.  And so I shall.  

Band that has played every night at Gaddi's for the last 10 years.  It was like being at a Broadway show- she was absolutely sensational.
Oh and the food!  We started with caviar and Halibut, then the chef sent out this incredible escargot over orzo (the sauce!) that I will never ever forget, my god.  I can't remember the last time I had caviar before that, but I'm pretty sure I need to have a lot more of it in my life.  After polishing off the Champers we moved onto a bottle of 1990 Pichon Baron (Bordeaux).  This, I was enlightened, is also from the year of the horse, and damn, it be drinking just fine.  I finished with a dessert and then we both had a Grand Marnier Quintessence.  If you haven't had this before, go out and have it now.  It will change your life.  You didn't know digestives could taste so good, so balanced, refreshing and totally incredimazeballs until you've tried this spirit made with 150 year old Cognac.  Wooh.  

It's THAT good
The funny (and sad) thing is that the entire time we were there I just wanted to take out my phone and snap pictures for this blog as aid for my failing almost thirty year old memory.  I restrained myself, so you'll just have to use your imagination.
Maria has the cutest twin boys I have ever seen xoxo

Tuesday I came home from work which was nice, and Wednesday we had our inaugural "industry night" tasting at the office. What a blast.  I invited friend Doug and Vicki who we know through Nina and Kenny.  They've been long time G+C customers, too.  Also in attendance, Damien of the Swiss Wine store, he has the best wines!, Francesca who started her own drinks consultancy, Tersina who was studying for her MW but has since stopped to focus on her wine business, and Ian Brewis the GM at Lanson Place hotels. 

 We had the following:  FX Picheler (Austrian) Riesling 2004--incredible.
Francesca brought 3 Riojas she's looking for distribution of and also a really lovely Rosso from Piedmont.  Damien brought a beautiful Swiss Syrah.  Doug and Vicki brought a 1999 Ch. Musar (Lebanon) that was amazing.  Tersina brought her bottle blind....because it was from China!  It was really green, but she thinks there's great potential from this producer (from the faaaaaaaar West in Xining or something).  And we opened a Nebbiolo from outside the Barolo area from Antiono Vallana.  All in all a good showing and my second past midnight night in three days.  Bikini Fit in the am!
 Emily and Shannon came!!!  They were married in August in the states and went back to Australia.  They just began a two month honeymoon.  First stop was a wedding in Boracay, then HK, then off to South Africa- all over, then Bali!  What a trip!
 This lady was walking her cat Friday morning.  Not pictured to the right is the other cat in it's cage.  This is where I live. 
 Friday night we went to Fa Zu Jie to celebrate Em and Shannon's marriage.  FZJ is a hidden (above Brickhouse) kitchen that creates really innovative and tasty Shanghainese French fusion dishes.
 We were all very very impresses.   Tuna, wonton, shells, foie gras noodles and a totally clever winter melon dessert.   I highly recommend it, if for no other reason than to eat this rice:
Holy deliciousness.  Beef over risotto with some sort of miracle heaven sauce.  I could eat this every single day for the rest of my long long long life and not get sick of it.    And no corkage! 
 It's amazing to me that it's been 3 years since we were last together.  In that time we both have crafted completely new lives in foreign countries, she's met and married the man of her dreams, and I've totally switched careers.  So much happens and nothing changes.  <3 my chingus. 

Saturday we met again for dinner and drinks and then they're off!  I love that my wedding is only two months away because I get to see EVERYONE again, all at once.  49 days.

And then my brother got another tattoo.  My mom's so proud :)

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