Friday, November 15, 2013

So Much Wine

After all of the typhoons passed, we are left with this:
Kind of makes you forget the grey we see 9/12 months a year.  This is my morning run through Aldrich Bay.  I took a week off running to prepare for my test and recover from wine dinners, and my god it's been hard getting back into it.  I feel like I have old lady bones- stiff and sore.  1 week til race!
Wednesday and Katie was back in town for one final hurrah (sitting next to Paul on the couch).  She is doing a fellowship with the Acuman fund where she'll be managing (?) a farm in Ghana.  She's amazing and really going to make a big difference. I should mention, thousands of people apply for one of 10 spots.  Katie is amazing, and Barclays is amazing for holding her job while she's off in Africa for a year.

So to see her off Kina made an amazing dinner of duck confit, salad, and brussel sprouts 

Jay on the left just finished his Pakistan!

Thursday I went to meet my new wine friend Christian for drinks at Otto e Mezzo, which is the only Italian restaurant outside of Italy to be awarded 3 Michelin stars.  I had never been but Christian said they had a great wine by the glass list.  And the did, and Christian is somewhat of a celebrity there (Italians unite) so we got hooked up with extra happy hour snacks.  They have the best happy hour!  Discounted drinks AND snacks.  We had mushroom risotto, salmon, little beef bites, and fresh mozz...

And then Christian got a meat plate that was house cured and delicious.  I was particularly smitten with the bread basket.  See my Sicilian wine on the right; divine.

Friday I went to the first ever Wine HK.  It's run by the same people who put on Art HK, and I suspect that this will become an annual event due to how awesome it was.  My ticket was free (thanks, Ali!) but generally costs $200.  Then you walk around to one of the 20 or so vendors to try one of the 540 wines on offer.  If you like it you can order it for 20% retail price. 

It's held at the Indian Recreation Club which was the perfect outdoor venue, one which wasn't too crowded; a Hong Kong anomaly.  Above is, and Patrick and Kevin of Schmidt Vinothek, which is my local wine shop in Quarry Bay.  Needless to say, they know me well.  Kevin's the best and knows everything there is to know about German and Swiss and Austrian wine.

New clothes!

haha Paul looks as drunk as I felt.  I got there at 5 and had man a glass of Champagne (Roederer and Billecart, not bad my friend).  Simone and I must have tasted 50 wines, and we were being selective.  Kind of.
And Bill was there!  Hi, Bill.


At the end of the night we somehow ended up in VIP where we finished off the remains of some really lovely Burgundy wines.  And of course made many new friends.

Drinking Ukrainian wines with Andrew, Sivia and Janet.

Paul arm wrestling?? 

New besties with some poor random guy in the middle.
This was for sure one of the best wine events to date.  The wines were all great (much much better than Wine and Dine), not too crowded, outside, a good sausage guy (could have probably used a cheese guy...), and all of my wine friends.  Asa.
Today my head hurts.  

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