Monday, November 11, 2013


Friday and the bosses were still in Bordeaux.  Jerry picked up some food and the four of us had a little chicken and pork picnic with a lovely Pinot from Thierry (very small production).
Then Joe (right) and I head over to the Wine and Dine festival in Central to see how it was at its new improved location.  Improved is an understatement.  Minus the crowds after dark, there should always be wine festivals in Central.  That's Patrick my friend from Schmidt Vinothek on the left.
Hong Kong is so pretty.
Nina came and met me for a few tastes, but the crowds got to us so we bailed to go meet David for some Mediterranean food.


Sarah and Will had a lovely housewarming/Halloween party in their new Wan Chai abode.  Great times with great friends, and it was especially impressive to see everyone's effort.  ha Paul picked up red and black ears hours before; devil and cat.  We tried.

French Kiss. Pirated DVDs.  Black Swan

I also got my nails done with gel.  Have you done this?  It's amazing that even a week later I've still not been able to ruin them. 
Sunday night Paul and I went to see Scoot in the movies.  We both would highly recommend Thor 2.  Great flick.

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